October, Breast Cancer Awareness


Cancer is a disease in which the body cells divide without any control and take the form of a tumor gland. This complex and contagious disease can occur in any organ of the body. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Therefore, we try to prevent the spread of this disease in women. In this regard, I have sought the views of Dr. Rufina Soomro and Nayela Zahid (Breast Cancer Specialist) for the guidance of the sisters.

World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) launches a breast cancer awareness campaign from October 1 to 31. Celebrities from around the world, medical and social organizations, and returning women recovering from this particular cancer treatment walk the day in pink dresses, pink ribbons, and more.

Institutions use resources in their projects as well as development and promotion of welfare work. In Asia, too, the local branch of the International Organization of Pink Ribbon is setting up its own hospital and clinic, which will certainly be a good development.

How Does Cancer Start?

Infections in the nose, ears, and throat can cause tumors. It is more common in men, and with timely diagnosis and treatment, 90% of people recover. In women, glandular breast cancer can be found in the armpits of the collar bone and then around the chest. But in the beginning, it is not estimated until it takes the form of a lump. Even doctors cannot identify this cell unless they have a biopsy.

The gland, which first forms several months ago, then spreads in the form of small glands all over the body, i.e. around the chest. It is not appropriate to take it lightly. If you feel pain, women may not be satisfied with self-medication. In this way, the pain may be cured, but the original disease remains in its place, and after some time it may go into an incurable stage.

Dr. Rufina Soomro says:

I have been treating breast cancer at the BECHS Trauma Center for a long time. My observation is that this contagious disease in Asia is many times more than in the world. It would not be wrong to say that one out of every eight women suffers. The disease rate is higher in Asia and slightly lower in other Asian countries.

It is also unfortunate that the number of women living in the middle, poor, and remote areas is high, but who contacts after the second stage and cannot do anything.

At What Stage Can The Disease Occur?

It is a complex disease. If the diagnosis is made at the first stage, then the growth of the tumor can be prevented. Therefore, whether it is urgent surgery or any systemic therapy such as chemo or individual diagnosis of each patient, it is important for the patient to live on his will power for a long time.

Every such diet must be given up, which can cause cancer. For example, do not eat processed food, junk food, etc. Don’t smoke. Worms, broccoli, greens, spinach, salads, rosemary, and other herbs should be part of the diet. Onions and garlic eliminate their toxins by encircling Nitrosamines and Aflatoxins. This protects the stomach, lungs, and liver of cancer patients.

Eat lemons, canola, seasonal, and other stressful fruits such as strawberries, juices, etc. They contain Carotenoids, Flavonoids, and Terpenes, which neutralize carcinogens. When grapes are eaten, they also develop immunity against cancerous cells. Olive oil and soybeans contain the most effective anti-cancer ingredients.

Eat Carrots And Green Leafy Vegetables.

Exercise as well as your own inspections and reviews every month. Change, breast enlargement, knee, no pus, material, gland, swelling. Consult a pathologist. Do not allow painkillers to spread.


The tragedy is that even our rural and urban women do not have health awareness. These hospitals come at a time when they seem to be helpless. The treatment of women who come to the third stage is very complicated and unhealthy. Only 10% of women get a mammogram, and only upper-class women start immediate treatment.

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