Dieting Is Bad or Good For Your Health


People who claim that we have the most authentic way to lose weight or diet, know that this is not 100% true. Consuming a certain amount of calories during dieting often does not prove to be the right decision. . This is because when we supply a certain amount of calories to our body, our fixed natural weight is also affected by this change. That is why, when our dieting ends, our body tries to regain that weight.

As a result, our weight begins to rise again soon after we stop dieting. This change in weight from time to time also affects our overall health, and our body looks uglier and uglier than before. If your goal is to achieve a healthy body, then it is better for you to refrain from such experiments and make it a priority to live a healthy life through a healthy diet instead of dieting this year.

Weight And Health Are Not Equal:

It is important for us to understand that weight is less or more. Man can stay healthy in both cases, that is, a healthy body never depends on weight. People who are overweight are not necessarily healthy. Even research in this area has not made it clear whether better health is related to weight loss or to positive changes in our lifestyle such as better nutrition and physical activity.

Permanent Weight Change Is Not Possible Through Dieting:

In other words, dieting does not help in establishing permanent habits. If we limit the intake of nutritious food and the range of physical fruits to lose weight. So if we do not get the desired results, we give up these habits, due to which we return to our unhealthy habits against our will. Even if there is no weight loss.

Dieting Also Affects Mental Health:

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. They are constantly worried about their body image and are mentally dissatisfied. At the same time, they believe that after losing weight through dieting, they become mentally satisfied. While not at all. This is because it is not possible to achieve a better body image through dieting. Because if you start gaining weight again, all your ambitions and self-confidence may be lost. Therefore, regardless of body image, choose a nutritious diet. Don’t worry if the foods in the restaurant or party menu are included in your diet plan. Instead of wondering how many calories are in a meal, focus on nutrition this time.

Plays A Very Important Role In Weight Loss:

According to experts, to reap the benefits of dieting, eat everything, such as meat, vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Minimize the use of carbohydrates, sweets, and fats, consume more water, and also use detox water during the first 4 hours of waking up in the morning. Make sure you walk at least 10 to 15 minutes a day with dieting.

Lose Weight Through Exercise:

According to fitness experts, exercise benefits the human body by 30%. However, 70% of weight loss results depend on diet. Moderating the diet and consuming all kinds of foods is very important for weight loss and achieving the desired results. Exercise can help you lose weight easily. But in the meantime what is eaten and drunk. This is very important, so according to fitness and nutritionists, the use of a positive and low diet for healthy weight loss can provide the desired results. Keep a good diet during exercise, follow the trainer’s recommended routine, and keep the routine active.


Instead of making it your goal to lose weight this year, make a good and better lifestyle your motto. Instead of affecting your mental and physical health with dieting, choose a healthy diet, and make physical activity a part of your life.

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