The Rainy Season, Disease Season


In the rainy season, there is a strong risk of outbreaks of various diseases after rains and floods, which can take the form of epidemics. It is very important to follow simple and safe measures of general nature to control these diseases. Diseases caused by rains and floods waterborne diseases, Malaria, Eye diseases, Skin diseases.

Waterborne Diseases:

Germs of various diseases are found in dirty water. Drinking or using sterile water often causes gastrointestinal diseases. Such as cholera, periodic fever, dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach worms, etc.

The following precautions must be taken to avoid these diseases.

  1. Use clean drinking water and if possible use boiled water for drinking and cooking on epidemic days.
  2. Avoid eating rotten fruits and raw vegetables. Use thoroughly washed fruits and vegetables.
  3. Cover food and beverages well to protect them from flies. This is because flies play an important role in transmitting the germs of various diseases from one place to another.
  4. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water before cooking. Dirty hands cause disease.
  5. In case of diarrhea, give salt to children and continue other foods. Salt can also be given to adults.
  6. In the days of epidemics, everyone should be vaccinated against diseases.

Treatment of Malaria:

Malaria fever is caused by a bacterium that enters the bloodstream of a healthy person through a mosquito bite and causes the disease. Dirty water after rains and floods which accumulates in the form of rivers and ponds. Mosquitoes thrive easily in such places. These mosquitoes cause malaria by biting humans while they are asleep or awake. To avoid this, close the sewage ponds and ponds in your vicinity by adding lime or mud. So that mosquitoes cannot breed in these places.

Cover yourself at night to avoid mosquitoes. Use a mosquito net if possible. Spray your home with mosquito repellent. In the case of malaria fever, use the medicine as advised by the doctor. Take the full course of medicine. So that the malaria germs can be completely eliminated from the body.

Eye Diseases and Treatment:

Moisture and sunburn caused by rains and floods are likely to increase the incidence of eye diseases. There may also be a risk of eye ulcers ranging from eye soreness. There may be swelling, irritation, and watery eyes. It is very important to follow the following precautions to avoid all of them.

Skin Diseases and Treatments:

There is a strong risk of outbreaks of boils and scabies in flood-prone areas. Follow the following precautions to avoid skin diseases. People of all ages pay special attention to body hygiene. Young children should be kept clean and bathed in clean water.

Intensity and Protection of Heat in the Rainy Season:

In the months of July and August, the intensity of heat and the contrast of the sun increases. It is so hot that everyone gets up in peace. Getting out of the house becomes ambiguous. Nature has created the body in such a way that when there is too much heat, the human skin acts as an air conditioner and sweating makes a person feel somewhat relaxed and cool.

Protect From Heat:

Follow these tips to avoid the effects of heatstroke and sunstroke:

  1. Don’t go out unnecessarily in hot weather, especially during the day.
  2. Always keep a cloth or towel on your head when going out. Wet the cloth from time to time and place it on the head.
  3. Use water and salt as much as possible before going out and coming home.


Children should be strictly prohibited from bathing in rain and dirty water of ponds and ponds. The eyes should be washed with clean water several times a day. Consult a doctor in case of increased eye discomfort.

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